God’s Design for Community

When Jesus walked the earth in His human form, He gathered people from different backgrounds, genders, dispositions, and those who believed differently about how to work out God’s Law to be His disciples. And these people stayed together in spite … Continued

A Community for Life

Jesus sat with, talked with, and spent intentional time with people who’d been shamed, bogged down by brokenness, and forsaken by their communities. In spending this kind of time with people, and offering His life up as a sacrifice, Jesus … Continued

Can the Abortion Pill be Reversed?

When a woman is given the abortion pill, she is really given two pills: the first is called mifepristone, which blocks her body’s ability to produce progesterone, and the second pill, called misoprostol, causes her uterus to contract and expel … Continued

Walking into the Light

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us, said A.W. Tozer. Asking ourselves what we believe, and why we believe it, arguably may be one of the most important questions we … Continued

Let’s Change the Narrative

Did you know that fathers of pre-born children are the most influential people in a woman’s decision to abort? In fact, according to a CareNet study, they have 38% of the influence, whereas someone else like a medical professional has … Continued

Can the Abortion Pill be Reversed?

Because of several different factors, such as fear, stress, and shame, there are many women who take the abortion pill soon after they find out they are pregnant. When a woman is given the abortion pill, she is really given … Continued