Let’s Change the Narrative

Did you know that fathers of pre-born children are the most influential people in a woman’s decision to abort? In fact, according to a CareNet study, they have 38% of the influence, whereas someone else like a medical professional has 26% of the influence, or her mother has 14%.

We notice that this is often the case with our clients. Many of the women we see are experiencing pressure from the father of the baby to abort, he’s not in the picture at all, or she completely cuts him off from ever having a chance to have a say in the matter because she instinctively knows the kind of influence he has. Each of these situations adds to the stress of her already crisis-situation.

But when we do see fathers come in with our clients, join them for the pregnancy test or the ultrasound, and they speak up for their pre-born child, it truly does make a huge difference in our client’s decision surrounding her pregnancy. It’s like his courage and his leadership help give her strength and courage to make a different decision – to see a future with this baby.

We know that this isn’t by accident. We know that God designed family with fathers in mind. It’s obvious how much more secure our clients are when they’re in a healthy relationship and the father of their child shows up with them for their parenting classes. When they have his support, they don’t have to shoulder the load that they were never meant to carry on their own.

At CPRC, we are paying attention in this season to a theme that God seems to be highlighting to us – it’s time that father’s hearts rise up again and fight for their children and families. We are becoming more convinced that if fathers keep using their voices and take their place as strong, compassionate leaders of their families, fewer women and men will suffer from the pain and trauma of abortion in the future. It can change the narrative and help others see that women’s empowerment doesn’t truly look like stark individualism, but instead looks like whole, united community.  

So, we’re praying for this to take place in our county. We are asking God to heal the hearts of men and empower them to rise up not only for the sake of their children, but also for the sake of our mothers. We all need each other.

Would you join us in praying for the fathers in our community?

by Katelynn Martin