We give them a place to turn to, people who care, and life-affirming options.

CPRC was started in June, 1983 by a few concerned, compassionate Christian women who wanted to change the local teen pregnancy problem. It started as a 24-hr hotline covered by a few volunteers...little did we know the legacy they were writing!

In 1988, the first official office space was donated, which allowed volunteers to begin meeting with clients face-to-face offering pregnancy tests and life-changing conversations.

What started as a hotline, after much growth and change, is now two pregnancy resource center's with onsite Care Clinic offices. These are now places where our clients find hope and support every day. With center locations in Tulare and Visalia, we're able to serve more clients in Tulare County. We are dedicated to providing life-affirming options, resources and education - all free of charge.


We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3)religious organization serving Tulare County since 1984.