You Made A Difference

A young girl walked through our doors for a pregnancy test, unsure what was going on with her body but knowing something was different. “I can feel something move,” she said.

With her test reading positive, it was projected she was already at least fifteen weeks pregnant.  She said she didn’t want to be a parent, declined information about adoption and instead only wanted to hear more about 2nd trimester abortions. She knew her boyfriend would support her no matter what but thought he was “kinda crazy” for wanting a family.

After much discussion, she still did not want this baby and didn’t want anyone to know she was pregnant.  Our nurse was able to provide an ultrasound right away and her boyfriend came to join her. The moment he saw his baby moving on the screen, courage rose up in him, his eyes teared up, and he told his girlfriend he wanted to keep this baby.

The ultrasound determined that our client wasn’t just fifteen weeks pregnant, but was actually already twenty-eight weeks pregnant, just hitting the beginning of her third trimester. With tremendous support from her boyfriend and from us, she chose to parent her baby and came back to see us weekly for parenting classes. Just ten weeks later, our client gave birth to a healthy, beautiful, baby girl.

Thank you for providing her a safe place to see her options, receive our support, and obtain a free pregnancy test and ultrasound which empowered her to make a life-affirming decision.

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by Katelynn Martin