What do I believe? And why do I believe it?

How we answer these questions affects every decision we make, the relationships we engage in, and how we show up to our lives. It reveals our worldview. If we try to piece together a collection of worldviews, we end up with an incomplete and fragmented belief system. It’s critical we ground ourselves in truth and maintain a Biblical worldview. This holds especially true for the pro-life position.

Do you know why you are pro-life? Is your belief rooted in truth? Can you back up your belief with confidence? Life Tribe exists to help answer these questions. Once a month, a group of high school and college aged young adults meets to navigate how to live out a Biblical worldview and stand for life.

Our Mission:

To educate, equip, and empower this generation to confidently represent and live out a pro-life mindset and a Biblical worldview.

Our Objectives:

  • Identify and challenge worldviews and beliefs that have permeated our culture, but conflict with the word of God.
  • Get educated and equipped to engage in conversation about abortion in a logical and effective way.
  • Discuss current events and issues, and then process them through the lens of pro-life mindset.
  • Gain valuable leadership and communication training.

If you are a young adult in high school or college, join us!

Life Tribe meets every fourth Monday of the month
7:00pm – 8:15pm.

Have questions about Life Tribe? Please contact us:

Call 559-625-5550
Text 559-372-9826

Email: nicole@carepregnancycenter.com